At A Glance

Cox and Company is a family owned and managed business, established in 1926 by Clive and Hettie Beaubrun, as they explored and ultimately mastered a diverse range of services. It was 1955 when they realized that the delivery of great customer service itself was what they enjoyed most and without doubt was their best asset; and so a “Mom and Pop” business opened its arms to the tourism sector and every visitor that they welcomed to this island became another member of the family.

about-usStarting off with 8 employees, each taking turns wearing the various hats of receptionist, tour guide, accounts clerk and bus driver, posed many challenges; but it was this direct contact with their customers that afforded them the opportunity to gain personal insight into the vastly diverse expectations and interpretation every guest had of what “Paradise” should be. A commitment to personalized service was born. As the company adapted to the changing environment, its areas of concentration continued to develop to ensure that they could, in some way, positively influence every aspect of their guests’ vacations.

teamToday, the company is run by us, the 3rd generation and has a complement of 60 full time and well over 60 part time staff. We have used our rich history, and wealthy of knowledge and experience to fine tune every aspect of our service delivery. In more recent years we have diversified into related areas and so our portfolio now includes but is not limited to :- Cox Shipping – port agency, freight and brokerage, Cox Travel which provides a ferry services between the French islands, and Cox Tours and Destination Management – land and cruise based.

about-us-3Our genuine care for their clients, attention to detail and uncompromised level of professionalism continues to secure our position within the industry as we operate on the belief that “every visitor is a personal guest”.