Exciting News From Express Des Iles

At a press conference held on April 5th 2016, the management of L’Express Des Iles together with their General agent Cox and Company Limited, announced new and exciting plans for the upcoming season ahead of their 30th anniversary celebrations.

Mr. Roland Bellmare, Managing Director of Les’ Express des Iles, indicated that passenger figures in and out of St. Lucia are showing a steady increase. In 2015, L’Express Des Iles passenger figures in and out of Castries increased by 16 % compared to 2014.

As l’Express Des Iles gets set to celebrate 30 years of operating, the company has announced more connections between St. Lucia and the neighboring islands, lower fares and more services. Also announced was a weekly shopping trip to Martinique, departing every Saturday starting on April 16th, 2016 and additional services for weekend travel. Visit www.express-des-iles.com for more information and upcoming special offers.