Freight Handling

Outbound Freight
For all your outbound cargo – whether commercial or personal effects- we source the most efficient means of sending out your shipment suited to your personal preference. In using our services you can always count on post service support. Once your outbound shipment is fully processed we provide you with a tracking number that will enable you to follow up on your shipment.

Requirements from client for outbound cargo:

  • Dimensions & weight of the package
  • Destination address with point of contact and phone number
  • Any special shipping instructions
  • Client’s invoice
  • Packing list

Packaging and Transportation
Our business is handling your cargo. No matter how small or large we ensure that your cargo is professionally packaged to safely get to its destination. In keeping with our pledge to always provide you with convenience we have punctual and courteous staff to come to you to package, load and transport your cargo.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage along with Port Agency is one of the longest running services that have been provided by the Cox and Company Shipping Department. The service started off as the on island Customs Brokers for the majority of the international leisure vessels which berth our shores. Our brokerage division has developed into a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals engaging in all importation and exportation activities as requested by our cruise lines and ever growing commercial clients for over 30 years.

Cox and Company have provided excellent Customs Brokerage Service to a wide range of the local business community, such as jewellery and Duty free shops, distribution companies, clothing boutiques, photography shops coupled with servicing the international cruise lines. Our brokerage staff is highly versed in the customs procedures required for each clients mode of importation and exportation such as warehousing and acquiring warehouse bonds, direct importation, transshipments, personal effects and returning residents.

In addition, during our 30 years of operations we have developed a respectable relationship with Customs, Port Authority and other government ministries such as Trade and Agriculture ensuring efficient service to our valued clients.

As brokers we understand the importance of time and as service providers of over 30 years we also understand the importance of bringing convenience to our clients, hence, we at the brokerage division at Cox & Company provide customers the option of full service. Cox and Company has transportation readily available and can therefore provide clients a complete package from receipt of documents to timely delivery at your door.

Custom Requirements
Our Brokerage team is one made up of individuals of various backgrounds within the brokerage field bringing in a collective experience of 47 years. All of our brokers are well versed in the requirements regarding documentation, Customs procedures and Asycuda ++. Our highly knowledgeable staff always advises on the most efficient means possible in handling your cargo whether incoming or outgoing.

For Importation of Goods the following documents are required from clients:

  • Suppliers invoice
  • Certificate of origin (for goods manufactured in CARICOM state)
  • Document of title (Airway Bill or Bill of Lading)
  • Concession letters where relevant

For Exportation of Goods the following documents are required from clients:

  • Clients invoice
  • Packing List

Door to Door Service
Cox & Company provides a full service package; meaning we ship, clear and deliver. Ensuring delivery service to all our clients emphasizes our commitment to efficiency and expediency. We are well equipped with three truckers on call to deliver at your convenience to any location on island.

Returning Residents
At Cox & Company we make it our duty to make all your customs clearance as seamless as possible. For we understand that customs procedures and requirements can sometimes be taxing on a client especially a returning resident. Therefore we make ourselves easily available via email and mobile phone and are proactive in requesting all information and scheduling appointments for interviews promptly to expedite the clearance of your personal effects.

For more information on Returning Residents requirements please click here.